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CAPTION:  Stuart Jolley, left, with Simon Maudsley enjoying their bacon<br />
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Rather lather smelling of bacon?<br />
Or is it ir-RASHER-nal?<br />
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Stuart Jolley was in such a lather about the ‘feminine’ scents of men’s toiletries, he’s created a bizarre new product - smoky bacon shower gel!<br />
He used a nationwide consumer survey, to find out which aromas people loved.<br />
“Out shopping, I was frustrated with the inevitability of having to buy a product that would leave you smelling like your girlfriend,” he said, at his company, Wingman, in Bath, Somerset.<br />
“The vast majority of brands like to play it safe with male grooming scents,  but we see this as a huge opportunity for us to stand out from the crowd. <br />
“Men no longer have to go through life smelling of vanilla, lavender or, God forbid – jasmine,” he said.<br />
“Our scents are not an afterthought - we focus on unique variations made for a highly specific individual who knows what he likes.  <br />
Wingman launched its first 3-in-1 gel, which smelt of jet fuel, in 2013.  The multi-functional product enabled men to shower, shampoo and shave all from one bottle.<br />
“Our Jet Fuel Gel has sold really well,” said Stuart, 29.<br />
“It’s a bit like the smell when you’re filling your car up at the petrol station. You shouldn’t like it but, boy, you do!”.<br />
A national survey showed that the favourite scents of a thousand people were as follows:<br />
1.	Freshly Baked Bread (551)<br />
2.	Bacon and Clean Linen (332 – joint second)<br />
3.	The sea (331)<br />
4.	Vanilla (236)<br />
5.	Petrol (144)<br />
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Pics: Chris Balcombe